Impacting Workforce Development

A successful economic development strategy must focus on improving the skills of the area’s workforce.

What is Workforce Development?

There are two unique perspectives on America’s workforce and how we must shape the skills of our workforce for growth and prosperity.

Economic Perspective Community Level

According to, Lyn Haralson suggests that “Workforce development is an essential component of community economic development in any economic climate, and certainly even more critical” times. Haralson (2010) emphasizes that it “describe a relatively wide range of activities, policies and programs employed by geographies to create, sustain and retain a viable workforce that can support current and future business and industry.”

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Human Resources Perspective Organizational Level

Maret Sharon suggests that “workforce development is a holistic concept that integrates workforce analysis and planning, human resource management and capability development to strengthen organizational success by aligning the workforce to both current and future service demands.” Essentially, it is a human resources strategy that requires a focus on the external environment, your current workforce, and your customer needs

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Workforce Development Trends

We are committed to focusing on the research and trends in workforce development. Our goal is to make an impact on workforce development in order to transform how communities exist and organizations operate.

  • Closing the Skills Gap
  • Work-and-Learn Programs
  • Hiring for Competency
  • WIOA
  • Future of Work

Solutions We Provide:

We are making an impact on communities and employers by providing innovative solutions to meet workforce development needs.

Employer Services:

edOpp Solutions: Your ACT® Career Solutions Provider

Schedule a demo to learn more about these powerful assessment tools to close the skills gap!

We now have the capabilities to offer extensive, evidence-based online ACT® WorkKeys® Assessments to help you identify the level of skills of potential hires in every area of the employability skills. In addition, the assessments can be applied to your current workforce. By testing the skill level of your current employees, you can now accurately identify the gaps and provide training that is relevant to helping you fulfill your business goals. Learn more about our ACT® WorkKeys® Assessments and National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC®) here.

Other Learning Solutions


We help OD & HR professionals take ownership of their strategic learning experience and become a facilitator of learning.

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Training Facilitation

We deliver the best workplace learning that is the right fit for the right people at the right budget for your organization.

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Workplace Learning

We deliver the best workplace learning that is the right fit for the right people at the right budget for your organization.

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Content Development

Our content is infused with our proprietary learning methods as well as proven industry models and frameworks.

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Corporate ESL

Create a contextualized learning environment that leverages the current workplace/industry culture, processes, and language.

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Transformational Coaching

Invest in offering employees a coaching program to help ignite personal and professional transformation.

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