We Have A Problem America Part 2

We Have A Problem America Part 2
03 Feb 2018

It’s Time to Rethink People

After reviewing the Gallup 2017 State of the American Workforce Report , I wrote a recent blog article suggesting that the first step to solving our workforce problem is to rethink people, leadership, and work. I truly believe it’s time to think again about how we are working together (or not) in organizations across America and make real changes to do and be better. 
Last year, edOpp Solutions sent out a rally cry for organizations to rethink people. The workforce is changing.  The unemployed are not ready to fill many of today’s high-skill, high-demand jobs.  The skilled and employed are seeking attractive compensation packages to switch careers.  High school and college graduates lack the employability skills to adjust to new job demands.  Skills gaps exist between worker competencies and middle-level jobs. Then, add to this challenge the demographic, generational, and geographical shifts that are changing the makeup of the workforce. There are more generations working at the same time.  People work across the globe and on virtual teams.  The workforce is diverse in age, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. More people are seeking work that creates balance, flexibility, and purpose.  The workforce is a hodgepodge of needs and wants and employers must adjust to meet these demands. 

Rethink Leadership

The state of our workforce will require America’s leaders to rethink their views and philosophy on leadership. As a doctoral practitioner of Leadership Studies, I have studied, examined, coalesced, and taught the gambit of leadership theories, models, and best practices from the Great Man theory of 1915 to the most recent theories of 2000’s, and quite simply leadership starts with self. It’s time for leaders to look at themselves and recognize that their influence can positively or negatively impact the work environment, culture, productivity, and employee engagement

Rethink Work

Finally, it’s time for people to rethink how to work. Employees must own their craft and align their values and skills with work that is purposeful. They should take more accountability for their actions, communications, and behaviors.  Own their successes and failures on the job.  Be open to learn, be willing to collaborate and listen, strive to respect one another, and most importantly seek to become better.  Employees must realize that their work affects customers which drives sales that increase revenue and impact their salary and job security.  It’s time to break down barriers, remove biases and prejudices, and quite frankly, get to work!  

Rethink the Workforce

The workforce is the relationship between the employer and employee.  In rethinking the workforce, people must seek to repair damaged workplaces and improve relationships. Effort from both leadership and employees is needed to improve our workforce. Employers must seek to cultivate the potential of America’s new workforce to make better results. Employees must seek to invest their time and best efforts to meet job demands and serve customers.  When we all are able to work in a positive environment with respectful relationships and connected to the organization’s purpose, the workforce excels.  
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