Support Small Business Saturday

Support Small Business Saturday
26 Nov 2016

Small business is in it to win it! #ShopSmall

Small Business Saturday is today, Saturday, Nov. 26th.  A day to celebrate and support small businesses and all we do for our communities.

When we won the American Marketing Association’s 2016 Marketer of the Year in the Business to Business Category, it was not just a win for edOpp Solutions LLC. It was a win for all small businesses in Houston and around the world.

Small businesses imagine the possibilities, transform concepts into reality, and shape the world into something better.  We innovate products and services.  We hire and cultivate talent.  We build partnerships and connect with customers.  But most of all, we develop our businesses with pure passion and dedication.  Despite the daily grind, sacrifices, and challenges that comes with small business development and growth, we are in it to win it.

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As a small business minority and women-owned enterprise, edOpp Solutions is passionate and dedicated to helping our clients work with purpose.  We transform their purpose, people, processes, and performance through our workplace learning, business strategy, digital learning, and workforce development solutions.

As a minority, women-owned small business, we're passionate about helping our clients work with purpose #shopsmall Click To Tweet

Whether your organization is at the launch, growth, or sustain stage, we can help you navigate the complex challenges of achieving strategic goals, attracting and retaining top talent, strengthening the skills of your workforce, and connecting your brand to your people.

We’re in this small business industry because we know organizations can do better and be better.  We envision organizations in which purpose drives personal and organizational actions, people are transformed and engaged to work smarter together, processes drive growth and innovation, and performance is maximized to increase the value and impact to customers and community.

We're in this small business industry because we know organizations can do and be better #shopsmall Click To Tweet

Yep, that means there’s a lot of work for us to do.  But, we were made for this.  Our God-given talent, mission, guiding principles, and core values are what drives us every day to stay in business despite life’s challenges.

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So today, not only support small businesses, but get to know them.  Get to know our passion, our story, and our mission.  Recognize the hard work and love we put into developing great businesses.  Shop with us to help us win because when we win the world wins.

Shop with #smallbiz to help us win because when we win the world wins. #shopsmall Click To Tweet edOpp Solutions LLC supports America’s middle market organizations seeking to achieve business growth with a high performing workforce. A strategic and creative partner to businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, and higher education since 2009, we provide an array of workplace learning and management consulting solutions designed to transform purpose, people, processes, and performance. edOpp eliminates their client’s challenges with change, culture, and capacity through learning and strategy to achieve business results. Additional company offerings include Strategy Innovation, Community Engagement, Digital Learning, Diversity Management, Content Development, Talent Management, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Workforce Development. For more information, visit

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