We Have a Problem America!

We Have a Problem America!
03 Feb 2018

The Damaged Workforce

Recently, there have been multiple headlines of sexual harassment allegations from women in Congress, Hollywood, and major companies. These headlines point to an underlying problem – a damaged workforce. In addition, the recent Gallup 2017 State of the American Workforce Report indicates that our workforce is unproductive, unhappy, disengaged, and have very little faith in leadership. We’ve got a problem America! And this is far greater and serious than trying to build a wall to prevent people from coming in because inside America our workers are suffering. 

Just think about it – over 100 million full-time employees spend 40-60 hours a week at work.  Yet, so many employees are spending this time in a toxic, negative, unsafe environment.  What is the result?  Employees with negative attitudes, unprofessional behaviors, embattled teams with increased conflicts, and feelings of distrust and disrespect. Employees are now demotivated. According to Gallup (2017), a staggering 51% of employees are not engaged and 16% of employees are actively disengaged. Employees are showing up to work, but they’re not committed to working.

Since roughly 2013, research has consistently proved that the workforce is eroding. The problem is getting bigger, the data points tell the same story, and the headlines publicize what’s really going on. In addition, throughout my work at edOpp Solutions this past year, we’ve partnered with various organizations of all different sizes and industries to design and facilitate over 200 customized learning experiences and leadership coaching programs to over 6,000 employees, and I have personally observed and heard the stress, frustration, fragmentation, and confusion taking place in these workplaces.

So why aren’t we solving it yet? How much longer will employees have to work the majority of their lives in collapsing, destructive workplaces? When will leaders finally recognize that half of the problem originates from them? When will employees recognize that they too are a part of the problem and take more accountability for their own attitudes and behaviors?

Rethink People, Leadership, and Work

We’ve got a problem America and it’s time to fix it. The team at edOpp Solutions firmly agrees with Gallup (2017) that there is a “need for major workplace disruption”. This shake up will require organizations to rethink people, force leaders to rethink their leadership, and should compel employees to rethink work.

To rethink is to think again about something in order to make changes to it. It’s a reassessment of something. America, we have a problem and we need to rethink how organizations operate and how people work. We need to rethink our mindset, attitudes, and behaviors. Rethink our approaches, strategies, and tactics. Time to rethink the relationship and dynamics between leaders and employees. Quite frankly, we must rethink our workforce to truly make America great again!