What makes edOpp different?

We differ in our value, our guiding principles, and our capabilities which results in unique features, advantages, and benefits that you can trust.

“We each have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.” – Romans 12:6


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Guiding Principles

At edOpp Solutions, we exist because of our passion about four guiding principles essential to the success of every organization. This focus translates into a suite of comprehensive workplace learning and management consulting solutions delivered with quality, value, and results.


Cultivate the purpose of personal and organizational actions.


Transform and engage people to work smarter together.


Design processes to plan, do, check, and act with intention.


Maximize performance to increase value and community impact.

Unique Value Proposition

We connect the art of learning with the power of strategy to develop custom training and consulting solutions for work transformed with purpose.

Our Capabilities

We deliver learning and strategy at work. Whether you are a Human Resources or Organizational Development professional seeking to evaluate outsourced training vendors or a CEO or VP seeking to leverage the capabilities of an external consulting firm, edOpp provides great features with awesome advantages to benefit you.

Experience the edOpp Difference!

When you need to partner with a workplace learning or strategy consultant you have no shortage of options.

Consultants You Can Choose:

  • One of the giant, global, ever-bureaucratic consulting companies who have their senior people write contracts and the junior people do the work.
  • Any of a thousand or more training companies providing only ready-made, off-the-shelf courses.
  • An acclaimed, one-man-show keynote speaker who has an interest in training and requires you to purchase his books too.

  • Us.

Learning Capabilities

edOpp Solutions LLC is your outsourced team and delivery partner for building learning capabilities while increasing business value. With us, you can still create organizational learning even on a limited budget or with a small HR/OD team.

Strategy Capabilities

edOpp Solutions LLC is your strategic and creative partner for optimizing people, processes, and performance. With us, you can still reach operational excellence even with a limited budget or resources.

Our mission, guiding principles, philosophy, and approach, comprehensive suite of solutions,
value, features, and benefits creates this enduring company built with passion.
A passion that we carry to every interaction, touch point, meeting, or experience.

Simply put, we rethink how to attract, hire, train, and retain people for a better workforce.

#RethinkPeople #letsworkwithpurpose