The workplace is more than a place to work. It is a place to learn and innovate.

What is Workplace Learning?

Matthews (1999) indicates that a “workplace is understood to include the physical location, shared meanings, ideas, behaviors and attitudes which determine the working environment and relationships.” Moreover, Anderson (2000) suggested that “because people learn in the context of their business environment, structured learning experiences must emulate the business environment as closely as possible”.

“Workplace learning [is] the processes and outcomes of learning [for] a sustained and high leverage development of employees in line with organizational business outcomes”.

It is necessary for individual and organizational growth and development. “It is also primary to the way in which people construct meaning in their personal and shared organizational lives.” Organizations have a tremendous responsibility to help employees construct meaning in all aspects of their lives.

*Matthews, P. (1999). “Workplace learning: Developing a holistic model”, The Learning Organization, Vol. 6 No. , pp. 18-29.  **Anderson, M. (2000). “Building Learning Capability through Outsourcing”. American Society for Training & Development Publishing: Alexandria, VA.

Our Capabilities

Change Learning

Workplace learning should be strategic and not just-in-time training. We help shift organizations from a training environment to a learning organization. In a learning organization, learning is learner-centered, continuous, decentralized, shared, and focused on results and impact.

Create Learning

HR/OD departments must meet the learning goals for numerous employees all with different job responsibilities, performance expectations, learning styles, and challenges. Especially for small HR/OD teams or large bureaucratic organizations, creating learning that is relevant to everyone while still meeting daily HR tasks can be quite an impossible task. That’s why it is the smart decision to partner with edOpp!

We create learning experiences that can be tailored to your organization. Check out our strategic, customized, and core workplace learning opportunities below.

Lead Learning

No matter your objectives for workplace learning, we help our clients lead new and exciting workplace learning experiences. If you are now ready to take a proactive stance to workplace learning by continuously investing in your people, then we can lead you to a learning culture. If you have been actively providing workplace learning and now are seeking to engage more, then we can lead you to a learning strategy. Or perhaps, your organization has been a little reactive to learning only investing in outsourced training sporadically, we can lead you to the right learning research, resources, and tools to help you ignite the core of your organization.

Sustain Learning

edOpp understands that organizations are faced with daily challenges that can abruptly interrupt the momentum of learning and change the course of action. We offer a variety of solutions to help you sustain learning over time. For organizations that select our strategic or customized learning opportunities, edOpp offers the Momentum Point workshop six months after the initial learning experience to review strategies in operation, reinforce key principles, assess current behavior, and introduce other new skills.

We also support the learner after the experience with various solutions such as online knowledge library, career and leadership coaching, and train-the-trainer to sustain changed behavior and attitudes. Finally, many clients have discovered that other solutions are needed to compliment workplace learning in order to maximize results. Check out our Strategy Consulting solutions to go beyond transformational workplace learning.

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Workplace Learning Opportunities

We deliver the best workplace learning that is the Right Fit for the Right People at the Right Budget.

For workplace learning to achieve your objectives, certain learning opportunities must be created. We work as your strategic and creative partner to create learning opportunities that are the right fit for your organization.

Whether you are facing an organizational transformation to shape a new culture, looking for training to reinforce a change in process for one department, or want to provide front-line employees with soft skills, one of our three onsite workplace learning levels will create just the right learning opportunities.

Clients can select learning opportunities at the strategic, customized, or core level based on their needs and budget. Each approach varies in the level of innovation, interaction, and intensity the learners will experience.

Strategic Level

At this level, organizations are invested in a long-term relationship with edOpp Solutions in which we assess, plan, and create learning that aligns with the organization’s strategy. The workplace learning is systematic and multi-dimensional to integrate into the culture of the organization. This approach provides the most optimal results for people, processes, and performance.

We incorporate our edOpp P5 Content Development Methodology process infused with our proprietary learning methodologies and proven industry models on curriculum development and instructional design. This methodology ensures the program will be relevant, applicable, and sustainable to the organization. During the Strategic approach, we will:

  • Conduct Organizational Assessment: We engage in inquiry and discovery to better understand your organization’s culture and success. Using a variety of tools and methods, we research and collect data to identify your organizational structure, performance, capacity, and work environment.
  • Propose Workplace Learning Solutions: edOpp designs a program with clear objectives and outcomes based on the best fit for your organization. The program plan will maximize opportunities to increase employee participation, engagement, and productivity during the learning experience.
  • Execute Workplace Learning Program with Shared Look and Feel: Transformation occurs over time. Therefore, this strategic approach requires a long term commitment in which courses are facilitated throughout a specific timeframe. Each course is integrated so concepts and learning build upon each other until program completion. During the courses, employees complete various learning cues and activities to ensure active learning and knowledge retention is achieved. In addition, workplace learning program materials are designed to align with the company’s brand.
  • Engage Entire Organization: Transformational workplace learning should not be kept a secret. edOpp is available to share, report, and present the objectives and results of the workplace learning program to your management team or board of directors. By engaging the entire organization, the workplace learning program is now supported and will ensure a return on your investment.

Customized Level

With this approach, edOpp can design a fully customized workplace learning solution within the context of the specific issues or challenges facing the organization. We integrate the client’s specific challenge into the content to design an outcome-based learning experience that will shape and change behavior. For example, leaders are often faced with these common challenges:

  • Leading change
  • Improving communications
  • Creating culture
  • Planning for the future
  • Integrating technology
  • Enhancing connection with your team

Or, perhaps, you need to enhance the skills of mid to entry-level employees such as:

  • Building relationships
  • Developing professionalism
  • Enhancing customer service
  • Developing the career mindset
  • Preparing for leadership

No matter the issue or challenge, edOpp will customize the content delivery to include actual scenarios or case studies from your company that the participants will solve during the learning experience. edOpp is your strategic and creative partner to identify and understand your workplace learning objectives and goals. We will develop the learning plan, content, and delivery method to accomplish your business objectives and integrate your culture.

Core Level

Whether you need 10 executive-level managers or 100 entry-level employees trained or whether you are seeking a single day course for one department or a course facilitated at multiple locations, our CORE outsourced training approach to soft skills development will meet your needs.

edOpp offers a collection of workplace learning courses focused on developing the essentials skills for the 21st century worker. With unique course offerings, we develop curriculum that moves employees from competency to career.

Download our catalog to select courses designed to introduce or enhance your team’s skills necessary to excel in today’s workplace.

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